Why is Keepod better than a regular PC in a low income community?

Compared to a regular PCs, Keepods are much more affordable and easier to deploy: Keepod has a 91% lower cost of ownership, takes 93% less time to deploy, and requires 84% less ongoing support over three years. This is due to the fact that Keepod has a very low acquisition cost, and that broken Keepods are much easier and cheaper to replace than regular PCs. If projects adhere to our typical ratio of one refurbished computer per every 25 Keepods, the cost of personal computing is a mere $16 per student. Keepod also eliminates traditional maintenance issues related to viruses and malware, changing basic settings, or the clogging of hard-disks, thereby drastically reducing the time and cost required to maintain the devices. Furthermore, Keepods are ideal for situations where technology can be easily damaged or stolen, since they are easily and inexpensive to replace. This is especially fitting for our Keepod Projects, since technology devices are often targets for theft in low-income communities. Keepod can also restore value to old computers: it can revive an old computer with Chromium software, making it operate like a new Chromebook. Finally, Chromium, which is the system Keepod is based on, is very user-friendly, making it approachable and easy to use for people who have never used a computer before. Plus, thanks to its seamless integration with G Suite for Education services, Keepod is equipped with one of the best tools for education.