Why is Keepod better than a personal computer?

Keepod has several capabilities beyond what a computer can offer. First off, Keepod has a 90% lower cost of ownership, takes 93% less time to deploy, and requires 85% less ongoing support over three years compared to the average PC. Keepods are also much easier to replace than computers. If a user loses his or her Keepod, their files are password-protected, and can easily be retrieved on the cloud simply by logging back into their Keepod account. They also cost very little to replace. Keepods also enable users to share a computer with others without losing their privacy. Users can pick up where they last left off on the previous computer, instead of having to spend time locating and opening their files and web tabs. With Keepods, users can also revive an old computer with the powerful Chromium OS, restoring value to previously outdated or malfunctioning computers. For this reason, Keepod is environmentally friendly, as it offers the opportunity to recycle an old computer rather than throw it away. Plus, Keepods are more secure than most other computers, protecting you from viruses and malware, and built with sandboxed browsing and localized data encryption. Keepods are also far more portable than personal computers, enabling you to carry your personal computing system with you in your pocket rather than carrying heavy hardware.