What is the main benefit of Keepod?

Keepod’s main benefit is that it eliminates the need to have a personal computer in order to access personal computing, thereby making personal computing much more accessible to everyone, everywhere. Keepod enables the user to transform a computer into their own, and delivers a full personal computing experience on the computer they are using. Since Keepod eliminates the dependency on one physical computer per user, it reduces the total cost of ownership of personal computing by 91%.

Keepod also offers several secondary benefits. It can revive an old computer with the powerful Chromium software, restoring value to outdated or non functioning hardware. Keepod also takes 93% less time to deploy and requires 85% less labor to support compared to the average PC. It’s secure, protecting you from viruses and malware, and it’s built with sandboxed browsing and localized data encryption. It keeps your personal information private. Keepod leaves no trace on the computer that you use, so your activity is never left behind. It’s also easy to replace: the user’s files are password-protected and are retrievable on the cloud, and it costs very little to buy a new Keepod. Finally, Keepod is environmentally friendly, since it provides the option to recycle an old computer rather than throw it away.