What is the launcher?

Launcher gives you access to all of your apps. You can play games, video chat, listen to music, edit documents, or download more apps.

To access the launcher, simply click on the icon on the bottom left of the home screen. Once you access the launcher, you can click on the bottom right of your home screen to see all of your apps.

The Launcher has the following features:

  1. Search box - allows you to:
  2. Search the files and apps on your Keepod to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Search on Google Search
  4. Search and install apps and extensions from the Chrome Web Store, which is Google’s applications store. Get suggestions on which apps and extensions are best for you.
  5. Do math or conversions using a calculator.
  6. Recently used apps - Keepod remembers the apps you used last and will show them underneath the Google the search box.
  7. The ‘All Apps’ icon - When you click on the All Apps icon, the Apps Menu will drop down. From it, you can open apps that you have installed from the Chrome Web Store. Click on the app icon in the menu, and the app will launch on a new tab. Right-click the app icon for more options such as adding it to the the shelf (defined below) or opening it in a separate window.