What are Keepod projects?

Keepod projects provide personal computing to individuals and communities who were previously living without access. We partner with local NGOs, nonprofits, foundations, or governments that work in developing countries or disadvantaged communities. We also partner with a computer refurbisher organization in order to provide the correct number of Keepod-Certified Refurbished Computers according to the project’s needs. Our partners work to distribute Keepod devices and refurbished computers in the areas that they work in. Our team offers remote or on-site support on a need-basis, both to train administrators how to use Keepods and to teach them how to train others to use it. Our projects provide personal computing to areas in need at a fraction of the typical cost of personal computing, enabling the communities that we work in to build a better future for themselves, by themselves. If you are interested in starting a Keepod project, you can contact us at hi@keepod.com.