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Reaching the 5 billion.


70% of our world still does not have access to personal computing. In today’s world, computer access is not a luxury. It’s a primary work tool. It unlocks a world of knowledge. It enables people to make change for themselves by themselves.

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Personal Computing Transforms Communities.


Students and teachers gain access to educational resources. Students are more driven to improve their attendance, their knowledge, and their grades.


Communities can more easily broadcast information, share ideas, engage with people around the world, and participate in the global marketplace.


New job opportunities arise in the majority of industries. People can offer their services online, boost productivity, and expand their customer base.


Health care services improve within communities. People can readily connect with doctors and learn about disease prevention, symptoms and treatment. 


Keepod Projects.

Through our Projects, we give Keepods to students, families, and communities that are living without personal computing. For each project, we team up with local organizations and computer refurbishers to provide Keepods, computers, and support. We have deployed projects in over 25 countries around the world - in Asia, Africa, South America, and North America - and we are not stopping there. 


Keepod is available for Education institutions and non-profit organisations at 50% discount.


Keepod Education


50% discount for registered
NGOs and Education institutes

Classroom Kit


25 Keepod devices and
1 refurbished laptop




It all begins when you give a Keepod device to a student or buy a Keepod branded product for yourself.


Funds are used to give Keepod devices and refurbisher computers to our Keepod Projects that needs a donation. For each project, we partner with an NGO or school that works in a community without personal computing access. 


Our partner NGO implements the Keepod project on the ground. We provide remote or on-site support to teach the communities how to use Keepods and how to train others.


 Keepod grants are available for non-profit organisations and independent education institutes that need support in purchasing Keepod devices. Such organisations are welcome to contact us and apply for a Keepod project donation:


Voices of Keepod.

Nothing shows the impact of Keepod better the stories of the people who have used it. See what it means to gain access to personal computing for the first time.