Made for Students. The $7 PC!

The Ultimate Tool for Teachers and Students



Equipped with top educational resources, Keepod creates powerful learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.


Keepod drastically reduces the total ownership cost, maintenance cost, and deployment time required for personal computing. Plus, we offer a discounted price for educators.

Designed for Students

Keepod gives students secure, private computing at school or at home. Students can share a computer with peers while maintaining their privacy.


Equipped with Top Classroom Resources.

Keepod delivers top educational resources that empower both teaching and learning. G Suite for Education is the most popular educational platform in the US. Keepod Content Delivery and Analytics are powerful resources that enhance classroom learning.


Built for Efficiency.



Lower Cost of Ownership



Less Time to Deploy



Less Labor to Support

Designed for Students.


Easy to Replace

If a student’s Keepod is damaged, lost, or stolen, their data is password-protected and retrievable on the cloud. Plus, Keepods cost very little to replace.


Students can make any public computer personal, and pick up where they last left off. They can share a computer with peers while maintaining their privacy.

Fits in your Pocket

Keepod gives students a whole level of portability. They can continue their work at school, at home, or at the library, without having to carry their computer with them.