Who we are.


In today’s world, personal computing is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. It unlocks a world of knowledge. It enables people to make change for themselves, by themselves. It improves education, health, employment, and communication.

So why is it that 70% of our world still does not have access to personal computing? We have been locked in the age-old idea that every person needs their own computer to access personal computing. In order to give 5 billion people the primary work tool of the 21st century, we had to break old computer paradigms.

From this, Keepod was born. By separating expensive hardware from software, we broke the typical barriers to access. We made personal computing more attainable for all, no matter who you are, or where you are. 

With Keepod, we’re creating more than just universal personal computing access. We’re creating a tool that delivers access to information according to people’s needs and dreams. That empowers people to build a better future for themselves, by themselves. Join us in unlocking possibilities for everyone.