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It takes only $9 to give Keepod to a student living without access to a personal computer.


You are a click away from changing a life..

We will keep you informed via email about our projects, where the Keepod devices are sent to and how they are being used. You can give more devices by increasing the number of items.

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How it works ?/. 



Instead of trying to manufacture cheap PCs, we reuse old ones that are thrown away and widely available.


Each student gets a personal computing environment on a simple and affordable Keepod USB device.


With Keepod, recycled PCs are shared personally among many, removing the need for a computer per person.

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System Requirements:
PC with x64 processor (2007 and later), 2GB RAM, Graphics card capable of 1024×768 resolution, USB port 2.0 or higher. 

Will Keepod work on any computer?
No. Keepod is designed to run and move between the most common PC models. However, we are prioritizing older computers compatibility over new ones, so don’t despair if Keepod is not working properly on your system. If possible, please try on more systems and report to us which PC worked and which didn’t. We will continuously improve our compatibility with more PC drivers.

This is our standard USB 2.0 Keepod Flash Drive with 8GB/16GB storage capacity and Keepod OS pre-loaded. 
Please note that the device housing (shape & color) may change from time to time and that images are just illustrative purposes.


Keepod for Education and non-profit

Special pricing on Keepod for education and non-profit.

We reduce the cost of Keepod for Education institutions and non-profit organisations. After setting up your account, you’ll get up to 50 percent discount on most Keepod purchases. Please contact us via the form below to determine your school’s or organisation eligibility.