Unlocking Possibilities.

Transform old computers with powerful Google Chromium OS.


Keepod is a slim USB stick powered with the cutting-edge Chromium OS. Once connected to a computer, Keepod delivers your personal desktop and files, the powerful Chrome web browser, and access to millions of apps that you can enjoy everywhere.



Connect your Keepod to a computer and launch your private desktop. Work, chat, and browse the web!


Share a computer while maintaining your privacy. Pick up where you left off, and take your activity with you.


Revive an old computer with the latest and greatest Google Chromium operating system. Your PC will fly!


Test out Chromium on your PC before buying a Chromebook. Enjoy without the commitment. 


Make any   computer yours.

Keepod delivers your own desktop, files, and settings on the computer it’s plugged into. So you can make any computer yours, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.


Private Everywhere.

With Keepod, your personal information stays private. Keepod leaves no trace on its host computer, so your activity is never left behind on the computer that you use. It stays with you everywhere you go. 


Your Favorite Apps, Online and Off.


Keep working even when you’re disconnected from the web. Keepod offers several apps that also work offline, such as Gmail and Google Docs.



Keepod protects you from viruses and malware. It’s built with verified boot and virus protection. Plus, there is no distribution of viruses from one user to the other, since Keepod leaves no footprint on its host computer.


Easy to Replace.

Losing your Keepod is no big deal. Your files are password-protected and retrievable on the cloud. Simply log back onto your Gmail account to retrieve your desktop, apps, and settings. Best of all, Keepods cost very little to replace.