Unlocking Possibilities.
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For every Keepod you buy, we give one to someone without a personal computer.

70% of our world still does not have access to personal computing.In today’s world, personal computing is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. It unlocks a world of knowledge. It enables people to make change by themselves, for themselves. It improves education, health, employment, and communication.


Personal Computing Transforms Communities.



Personal computing access creates new job opportunities in the majority of industries. People can offer their services online and expand their customer base.


Students and teachers gain access to educational resources. Students are driven to improve their attendance, their knowledge, and their grades.                                    


Communities can more easily collaborate, share ideas, and broadcast information amongst each other, and engage with people around the world. A new channel of communication to empower. 


Health care services improve within communities. People can readily connect with doctors, view medical results, and educate themselves on disease prevention, symptoms and treatment.