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G Suite for Education.


The most popular educational platform in the US. It’s used by 10 million students and teachers in 190 countries. It’s paperless, easy to set up, free for schools, and offers free 24/7 support.


Google Classroom.

Your one-stop-shop for managing your classroom. Create a class page and invite your students to join.


Send Assignments.

Upload assignments and set due dates. Your students can begin working immediately, and submit their assignments directly to the classroom page.

Give Feedback.

Review your students’ work, assign grades, and provide feedback in real-time. Track their progress while they’re working on their assignments.

Communicate Easily.

Create class discussions or send announcements. If your students have a question, they can send you a private message or ask the entire class.

Google Productivity Tools.

Powerful apps that make student collaboration easy. Create, edit, and share documents with others.

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Students can create, edit, and share documents with each other, and work on the same document at the same time.

Work Anywhere.

Access your files from any computer. They are all saved automatically, so you won’t have to worry about losing your work.

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Keepod Services

Keepod Services make it easy to distribute classroom content and check the success of your classrooms. Available for purchase on your Keepod.

Keepod Analytics.

Monitor the health of your Keepod projects, and track several metrics at once. Cloud based, accessible via browser, no additional installations required.

Understand Keepod Usage.

Learn when, where, and how often your students are using their Keepods. See which content and websites they are accessing, and which are most popular.

Determine Project Success.

Monitor the success of your Keepod Projects. Use student data to learn whether your KPIs have been met. Share or export your data for others to see.

Maintain Students’ Privacy.

Get smart on your students’ activity while retaining their privacy. User identity is not collected, so each student will remain anonymous.

Keepod Content Delivery.

Distribute classroom content to your students’ Keepods, and learn how your students are using it! Instant, paperless, easy.

Send Digital Content.

Distribute PDFs, e-books, audio, or video to your students’ Keepods. Students can access your content on a single platform, and download them for offline use.


Get Insights Instantly.

Learn how your students are using your classroom content. View insights and analytics, and export related reports.

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