Rethinking Personal Computing.



Deploying Keepod


Each user gets their own Keepod, which has their personal screen, apps, files, and settings.

Users need a computer to use their Keepod. They can plug their Keepod into their own computer or one of our Keepod-certified refurbished computers.

Once a user connects their Keepod to a host computer, the computer transforms into their own. Once the user is finished, they can simply disconnect their Keepod, without leaving their information behind.


Why Choose Keepod


Lower Cost of

Less Time
to Deploy


Less Labor
to Support



Share a Computer
Keepod makes any computer personal. 
Now, you can share a computer without losing your privacy, and one computer can serve as many people as needed.

Recycle Old Computers
Keepod can repower an old computer with cutting-edge software, making it as good as new.

Fits In Your Pocket
Keepod gives you a whole new level of portability. You can leave your computer at home,  and boot your personal OS on any PC.

Easy to Replace
Losing your Keepod has almost no consequence. Your files are password- protected, and can be easily retrieved on the cloud. Plus, Keepods only cost $7 to replace. 

Work Online or Offline
Keepod works even when you don’t have access to the internet. Keep getting things done with millions of offline apps.