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Plug in your Keepod and enjoy your desktop, apps, files, and settings. Powered with Chromium OS. Easy set up, fast load times, no viruses, nothing to install, and no impact on the host computer. Just boot and go. It’s that simple.

You’re awesome! When you get a Keepod for yourself you’re also giving a Keepod to a person living without access to a personal computer. 


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System Requirements:
PC with x64 processor (2007 and later), 2GB RAM, Graphics card capable of 1024×768 resolution, USB port 2.0 or higher. 

Will Keepod Work on any computer?
No. We are prioritising older computers compatibility over new ones so don’t despair if Keepod is not working properly on your system. If possible, please try on more systems and report to us which PC worked and which didn’t. We will continuously improve our compatibility with more PC drivers.

To keep fees as low as possible we are using USPS standard shipping which may take between 6 to 25 days to some destinations. If you wish to receive your device faster you can choose the DHL shipping option.
To some countries USPS can't guaranty delivery due to challenges with local postal services. To these countries the only available shipping option is DHL.

This is our standard USB 2.0 Keepod Flash Drive with 8GB/16GB storage capacity and Keepod OS pre-loaded. 
Please note that the device housing (shape & color) may change from time to time and that images are just illustrative purposes